Oxidation inhibitor with highly refined pharmaceutical quality white oils that do not contain any aromatic hydrocarbons,

They are transparent colored needle and platinum oils produced by blending rust inhibitor, synthetic esters and EP (extreme pressure) additives.

In addition, thanks to the surfactants it contains, they can be easily washed after application.


It is completely colorless.
It is largely biodegradable.
It shows superior lubricating property.
It has a high viscosity index (thermal stability).
It has excellent protection against oxidation and rust.
It can be completely washed with standard washing solutions.
Extends needle and sinker life.
Does not harm machine paints.
It does not stick or resin.
It is compatible with automatic and manual lubrication systems of knitting machines, and shows superior resistance to wear and corrosion.


With a wide range of viscosity options, all kinds of circular knitting machines, especially socks machines (ISO VG 46) and flat knitting machines

They are high performance oils used in the lubrication of needles and sinkers. Machine manufacturer’s viscosity recommendation for product selection

It must be taken into attention.

Human Health and Occupational Safety

As long as occupational safety and personal cleaning rules are applied, they do not pose a problem in terms of human health and occupational safety.

Material Safety Sheets (MSDS) should be consulted for more detailed information.