Coil Transfer Oil

It is a coil transfer oil produced in a nonionic structure with a combination of fatty acids, poly condensation products and mineral oils.


It is a fully synthetic yarn production oil consisting of synthetic lubricant, antistatic surfactants and lubricants.

It mixes homogeneously with water in every ratio and gives stable solutions.

It takes the static electricity on the yarn.

Its washability is excellent.

It is not affected by the hardness of the water.

In its composition there are no negative ingredients on human health.

Non-Staining Feature

It does not cause yellowing on the coil.

Strong Antistatic Property High Tear Resistance

Due to its strong antistatic feature, it prevents the formation of beard by cutting the electrification and prevents breakage.

Usage places

It is used in bobbin transfer units in textiles to prevent beard growth, electrification and breakage by passing the thread through it.


It is used in all kinds of synthetic yarns, optionally directly or by diluting 1/10 – 1/20 according to operating conditions.